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Global MENN LTD is an international trading  company which we have  extensive global network , we export large volume of agro  products to the world. We manage transportation and logistics issue which is paid attention by Global MENN LTD.

The strength of our freighting and forwarding capability provide us with competitive position for our business and ensure reliable and timely delivery to our customer.

According to our network we have  a global reach but at the same time we provide a local response and best service to our customers.


Global MENN LTD is one of the leading international agricultural commodities trading company which  is supported  by major and reliable farmers.

We have different departments for all commodities managed by professionals having big expedience in their  field.

What are Warehousing Services?

Warehousing services include, but are not limited to, receiving orders from a business’s customers, locating the required products from inventory, preparing the client’s order for shipping, and ensuring the product is shipped to the correct location with the correct documentation and packaging.



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Agricultural Commodity  Market is among volatile in the world. Helping your organization adapt and manage the risk associated with  volatile markets.We help ensure that management has the tool, methodologies , processes and controls necessary to properly evaluate and manage their trading.

Protecting value of your agribusiness from the impact of commodity price fluctuations can help with everything from long term business planning to managing your day to day cash flow.

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