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Global MENN LTD is a trading company, branches in Buea, Cameroon and İstanbul,Turkey.  Global MENN is engaged in the  business of agricultural products such as cocoa beans, coffee beans, oil seeds, pulses, grain, spices and edible nuts. The primary business  of Global MENN is to develop maintain and expand domestic international market for supply of various agro products .

Mbacham, Enjoh, Ngu and Ndeh

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5 Year of Undefeated Success

Global MENN LTD always implements the highest quality standards  and our cargo is welcomed  by customers  and our customers  never worried about  our  quality  as they always trust which is supported as our  long  term experience  in agro commodities market. Global MENN LTD that gathers information from worldwide agricultural markets and analyze, these information professionally, guides the companies about the target market  supplying raw products according to  the changing trends.


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