~~ Pre-rendered action-adventure levels

~~ A brand new action and intrigue system

~~ Explore and challenge the land of Wylie and discover new ways to explore to unlock new areas and new powers to discover.

~~ Choose your epic adventure against an increasingly diverse environment

~~ Explore the beautiful landscapes of Cairne, the legendary land of Wylie, and explore new dungeons, secrets, dangers and dangers to unlock

~~ Each area has its own unique challenges and traps

~~ Complete achievements on any character and gain new abilities and skills to keep the game alive

~~ In-game voice chat for online chat with AI

~~ Unlock new abilities, equip equipment, acquire potions, enchantments and more

~~ Unlock quests and unlock new powers on the campaign

~~ Explore the magical kingdom of Cairne in different environments using new tools

~~ The entire world is now connected to your game world so that you can freely explore and challenge yourself as well

~~ The game is available on Steam, iOS, Android, PC, desktop and mobile.

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