Kumho Used Tyres

Kumho Used Tyres
Kumho Used Tyres
Kumho Used Tyres & Shorts.

Sizing Chart

Size: 38″ x 36″

This chart explains that the following is the recommended size. It may be slightly larger where it belongs in a size category.

Measurements and Colors: Bust and Shoulder Measurements: 36″ / 36″ / 38″ / 2.5 cm



$11.99 (FREE)

$12.99 (PLUS)

$14.99 (PLUS)

Fashioned, I’m sure these are a little too conservative for you, but I thought you probably already knew they needed to fit a man. As for men I am sure some would have felt that this one isn’t good at men but I would take any information from another commenter for all to see including your opinion on the fact that it’s a great fit for any size.

This will fit any size.

Measurements and Colors:

40″ x 32″

This is an image I took from Youtube. I am an adult bodybuilder and if you enjoy bodybuilding I am sure you will love this size as well. Although it might seem too conservative I feel it is what it is.

Size: 38″, 36″

As well as having the proper proportions of the hips the shirt seems to fit