Mercedes-Class 2002

Mercedes-Class 2002
Mercedes-Class 2002

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Quote: Niles Originally Posted by This is an interesting thing to post. You can compare the three brands different versions on different cars. While there was definitely some inconsistency between them to some extent the car came close. Some will say this was a “split” that was very different from other Mercedes-Classes they were made from. We believe Mercedes-Class 2002 was the first to make those changes (and are still doing so in 2003).

Here it is being discussed here, but it still looks like Mercedes-Class 2002 had their “split” (they changed versions a lot of different ways). Even more interesting is the fact that they are a very different brand and brand may or may not be able to sell cars of the old school.

I just have no idea why they changed the versions and what it was like with them. I’ve always had a hard time believing that there was more money in those “split” or this wasn’t a marketing plan (maybe there was but I’m not sure). Is there something to back it up that would suggest Mercedes-Class 2 had “split” or other things which it didn’t?

Also, to be fair it’s easy to make that assumption that the ‘3M version’ had some unique features (like lower speed) and in other areas where
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