Annual Windows 10 Update

No matter how messed up your Windows registry is, installing a new Windows always resolve registry-related issues and makes your system faster and more responsive. Once the reset process completes, Windows will be back to its default settings and free from third-party applications. If your PC does not offer you the recovery environment, insert your Windows 8 or later DVD or Recovery Disc and follow the “Press any key to boot to the DVD” prompt.

Type the command lines each by each followed by pressing Enter. Do not try the procedures unless you’re comfortable working in the command line. This way is higher-leveled which requires some computer skills. The wrong operation can cause a new round of computer issues, so watch out. Under Metered connection, click the slider to set the metered connection to Off. If none of the methods outlined above have worked then there’s always the option of fully resetting your device.

However, that feature did not ship with the initial release of Windows 11 and only began appearing in Windows 11 preview builds several weeks after the official Windows 11 launch. It should be noted that decreasing the bandwidth available for updates will also cause these updates to download slower and for the update process to take longer. Once you select the amount of bandwidth you wish to allocate, you can close the settings window. Drag the slider to set a limit as a percentage that you want to allocate to Windows Update and updates through the Microsoft Store. Now that you are in the Delivery Optimization settings page, click on the ‘Advanced options’ again, as shown below. Browse other questions tagged windows-10 internet-connection windows-activation or ask your own question.

  • This has resulted in increasing download sizes of each monthly update.
  • Or if “Dword 1” already exists, it will change it’s value to a decimal 20.
  • I tried several different things like verify I am logged in as administrator, check permissions etc with no success.

The release of Windows 11 means that you can now find the official Windows 11 Installation Assistant on Microsoft’s website. Installing Windows 11 with this assistant is a breeze. We’ve covered the step-by-step guide for this — so do check it below to know exactly what to do. Windows 11 is now officially available as a free upgrade for all systems that meet the hardware requirements. But it’s well past the fifth of October and you still haven’t received the official update.

Top Tips To Ensure A Smooth Update For Windows

It will also begin combining previous updates into a monthly update rollup. This will mean fewer individual updates to install, and updating newly installed Windows 7 systems should become faster over time. Note that Windows 10 will not uninstall some core apps – such as Mail, Photos, and Groove Music – but CCleaner Free will. However, as mentioned above, you won’t save much space, and at some point, Windows 10 will put them back.


Advanced SystemCare 7 installed too many background processes and had annoying pops so I uninstalled and deleted that without much of a trial. I downloaded Wise and will try that once JV16 finished clearing all the junk out. Comodo System Utilities is one of my favorite registry cleaners, it is here to help you! Not only does it identify, remove or repair any corrupted Microsoft Windows entries, it also removes clutters to free up space and improve performance. Reach deep into your PC and destroy all space-wasting junk! Designed with you in mind, our user interface is so easy to understand it practically shows you how to clean your computer.

Well-known file types also have a value named “Content Type” which contains an entry such as “text/plain”. This is a MIME (Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) content type value. This is not the place to go into details about MIME content types, but in essence they are the method used on the Internet to indicate what the data in a file actually is. File extensions are just a DOS/Windows thing and not universally applicable to other platforms. The Registry Editor presents a graphical, Explorer-like view of the Registry.

While Microsoft has done an admirable job making updating Windows 10 as pain-free a process as possible, there is still always the chance it won’t run as seamlessly as hoped. When an issue does occur during an update you’ll need to know how to fix a stuck windows update. InfoWorldClick on the Advanced link, then click Run as Administrator. The Troubleshooter will take a minute or two to scan your update files and settings.

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